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Find Top Hospital and Physician...
Diagnosis / Procedure
10 miles
50 miles
What information do you need to pick a provider.
Information you needed to pick a hospital or doctor.

Check how many procedures hospital or doctor has performed.
How many of those are successful, resulted in revisions, complications and infections.
Also, check average number of tests and procedures performed during the episode of care
and average total cost incurred during this visit.
MDguna rates providers based on these measures.

How to find a top healthcare provider.
Find best hospital or dcotor.

MDguna rates dcotors and hospitals based on outcomes.
Compare ratings on MDguna platform to pick right provider for your healthcare need.

How to learn about pre and post visit impact.
Learn about pre and post visit measures.

MDguna provides following valuable information.
What is the probability of having a pre-existing condition.
How does pre-existing conditions affect your visit.
How does a healthcare provider impacts your current health.
What additional procedures you may under go during / after this visit.

How to make your healthcare visit a sucessful one.
Make your healthcare visit a successful one.

Please spend few minutes to checkout
healthcare provider quality metrics and pick right provider.

How to find a right provider for post acute care setting.
Find right provider for post acute care setting.

MDguna offers outcome ratings for
all the teams involved in pre, acute and post care setting for a condition.
These metrics also evaluate coordination between care teams.
You can learn about nursing home and home cares institutions that are
top in the field and effective with the hospital that is delivering your acute care.

How to find medication efficacy rate for your condition.
Find medication efficacy rate for your condition.

MDguna offers outcome ratings for medications.
Please review this information to discuss your medication options with your provider.